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International markets offer many opportunities but frequently also involve significant risks. Some of the hurdles appear insurmountable.
We advise companies and investors on aspects of commercial law when entering international markets, in particular in the Middle East Region.

„We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.“

Albert Einstein

We provide support concerning the formation of local companies, the formulation of contracts, and illustrate key differences in the various jurisdictions.Our core competencies include:

Our Services

Trade Financing Law

We advise our clients on all aspects of trade financing, draft and check the corresponding documentation, and represent our clients in the assertion or defence of claims. Our services include all forms of letters of credit, bank guarantees, forfeiting and supply chain financing/bank payment obligations.

Law of Sanctions

Embargoes and sanctions restrict freedom in foreign trade with specific countries. In addition to sanctions against persons (terrorism lists), extensive international restrictions apply against various countries as regards the import and export of goods and services as well as in the financial and insurance sector. Companies that violate embargoes risk high fines and those holding personal responsibility can be liable to heavy penalties.
The focus of our work in this field is on advising regarding export bans and authorization requirements, investment, insurance, payment and financing restrictions as well as Compliance.
Current matters of major importance for companies are above all the sanctions against Russia and the Iran embargo. Sanctions related to persons, goods and services are constantly being extended and updated. We monitor the relevant changes very precisely for our clients, and provide advice concerning the necessary measures.

Commercial and Corporate Law

We advise our clients on a broad spectrum of legal matters related to commercial and corporate law. Within the framework of our general commercial-law advising, we support our clients in their national and cross-border business operations, for example in connection with outline, distribution, license or service agreements, and the drafting and revision of general terms and conditions of business as well as of general terms and conditions of sale and delivery. In this respect, we always adopt an entrepreneurial approach that attaches importance to clear added value for the company.
As part of our corporate-law advising, we support the entire process of choosing and forming companies, assist on all general issues under share, stock-market and group law, and advise management organs in respect of liability and responsibility.

International Payments

In the field of international payments, we advise on special legal questions of cross-border payment transactions. Our expertise is in European money-laundering law and the law governing payment services. We also draft and check the corresponding contract documents for our clients, and negotiate these with banks, authorities and companies.

International Enforcement Law

A further core area of our expertise is the cross-border assertion of claims via forced execution, with the focus on Germany and Switzerland. Alongside this, we support private persons, companies and authorities in all general matters related to default-action or debt-enforcement and insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings.