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Family Offices

The complexity of international dealings is constantly increasing, and the statutory regulations are frequently no longer comprehensible for non-professionals.

In addition to family offices, we advise wealthy families and individuals, successful company founders and managers of large organizations.

„If you want to build tall towers, you have to stay with the foundation for a long time“

Anton Bruckner

The focal points of our advisory work include the structuring of assets, advising in connection with the purchase, sale and restructuring of investments, companies and property as well as on company and inheritance law when planning (corporate) succession.

Our Services

International Foundation Law

We advise clients at home and abroad regarding the establishment, restructuring and merger of non-profit foundations as well as on regulatory and fiscal matters, arising in connection with these non-profit structures. We provide support in drafting the constitution, with the formation formalities and on issues related to the non-profit status. Our range of services also includes advising on the form of the foundation and the place of registration, representation with respect to supervisory authorities and tax authorities as well as the preparation of minutes of meetings. We also assume an active, personal role as founders and members of the board of trustees in various non-profit foundations.

Relocation D-CH

When private persons relocate to or from a country, one of the necessary tasks is to check the existing marriage and inheritance-law arrangements, as well as pension and fiscal planning, in terms of the different legal framework conditions. We advise and support wealthy private persons in all matters arising in connection with transfers of place of residence between Germany and Switzerland. A particular focal point of our advising in this context concerns so-called departure taxation, as applicable under German income-tax, inheritance-tax and foreign-tax law. We also provide advice on work permits for persons from the EU or Switzerland.

Erb- und Familienrecht

We have proven expertise in the field of German and international family and inheritance law. One of our specialist areas in the field of inheritance law is the settlement of complex estates in various jurisdictions, with or without points of contact to the European Succession Regulation (EU no. 650/2012).
We advise in connection with the making and optimization of last wills and marriage contracts as well as concerning the ensuring of corporate succession. The focus of our advising in this area also includes national and international tax consulting, including inheritance and gift tax. We also advise regarding the settlement of estates, claims to compulsory portions and the partitioning of estates.
Thanks to our experience, we are also called in by external executors of wills and estate administrators to provide expert support on complex legal issues. We also act as special curators on a case-by-case basis.


In the field of cross-border asset structuring we support above all entrepreneur families in finding tailor-made solutions, in order to protect the family assets over generations and to transfer them in a sensible manner. Assets that an entrepreneur has built up through hard work and dedication should also have a secure future. We advise our clients concerning holding solutions, national and international companies as well as foundations, and concerning the bundling of properties. Alongside this, we prepare secure emergency planning for our clients as well as individual succession planning.