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Today, leaders can quickly find themselves in a serious legal crisis. For example as a result of investigations by the public prosecution service, or personal compensation claims in an existence-threatening scope. In addition to conventional legal advising in the economic environment, we have therefore developed a complementary business area in the field of “crisis management”.

„A crisis is a productive state. You simply have to get rid of its aftertaste of catastrophe.“

Max Frisch

Unlike most law firms

New is in particular our holistic approach. In contrast to most law firms, our focus is not only on overcoming the criminal and/or civil-law problems. We also include for example the areas communication & media, data security, physical and mental fitness as well as nutrition in the solution approach.
Our experience of advising and defending clients, most of whom are leaders from the most varying sectors or prominent personalities, has shown that this holistic approach is essential in order to overcome a crisis comprehensively and not only from a legal perspective.

What is originally a legally based plight usually spreads to all areas of the life of the parties concerned, and thus becomes a complex problem. We have therefore built up a network of experts from the areas described who are all among the best in their fields, and who are called in by us as project managers on a case-by-case basis to solve the overall problem.

Our Services

Legal Advising

If you find yourself in a legal crisis for reasons related to criminal or civil law, you require outstanding legal advice and defence. When carrying out a reliable analysis of highly complex issues, we always speak your language. A matter of course that is frequently underestimated. In addition to absolute professional and sectoral knowledge, you can also expect a comprehensive understanding of economic contexts and strong personal commitment in our legal advising.

Sports and
Nutritional Advising

Many people are aware of the need for mental strength in today’s world. However, a resource that is at least of equal importance for enduring an extreme situation lasting many years is still frequently underestimated: namely your own body. The saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is not without foundation. However, it is precisely in negative stress phases that this aspect is frequently reprehensibly neglected. Exercise under expert instruction also gives you balance and power in addition to greater energy. Furthermore, a balanced diet is not only a prerequisite for physical strength but also for mental performance, because “you are what you eat”. Not everybody has the necessary specialist knowledge to make effective use of these aspects for themselves. Our experts therefore analyse your requirements, and provide you with individual help in discovering new, previously unimagined strength that you can well do with in the aforementioned crisis.

Media &

The press and the Internet are full of reputation-damaging news and scandals. At no time should your interests experience this fate. Those who actively challenge media have the possibility of avoiding being pilloried. Our specialists coordinate TV, press and online media for you, with our uppermost priority being on keeping your name and your identity out of the public domain. Depending on the situation, we adopt a cooperative or confrontational approach towards the media. We inform you of and involve you in every step so that you never lose track of developments. By working with the best media lawyers and media consultants, we guarantee you control in times of absolute uncertainty.

Mental Coaching

A serious (legal) crisis, that can last years, frequently shakes not only the person directly concerned but also his/her entire environment. To ensure that you and your relatives survive this crisis and emerge stronger from any such demanding situation, our advising goes one step further than that offered by others: we provide you with an expert who accompanies you individually along your path whenever you so wish. Mental strength is the basic prerequisite for your success. We help you overcome your fears, withstand pressure and find new strength.

Cyber Security

Another frequently underestimated element of comprehensive advising is the security of your data. Today, personal and confidential information is in greater demand than ever. We protect your information – not only against hackers.
Our cooperation with the best cyber security agents means that you have one less thing to worry about. We guarantee the effective security of your data, email accounts, mobile telephones, records and documents. Our experts also provide support in evaluating the flood of information for defence purposes.